A Second Generation
       Family Owned
           Fulfillment Company
                 Located on Long Island, NY

Offering the Basics:

And Advanced Services:

  • Caging and bank deposits
  • Credit card authorization
  • Label generation
  • Bulk packaging
  • Large packaging stations for complex jobs
  • Customer designed pick and pack stations
  • Returns processing
  • Embossing

All performed in the shortest possible turnaround time.
FulfillmentPLUS is dedicated to offering our clients all of the above
and more:

  • Free expert advice on critical aspects of delivery which means you, as our client get an unpaid consultant on everything from packaging to postal rates.
  • We'll torture test your packaging and dry-run ship it because both our company reputations are riding on how your package looks when it arrives.
  • You, as our client stay up-to-date on packaging innovations because as soon as we see something new, we'll send you a sample.
  • We provide you, as our client with different postal rate alternatives in time for you to switch to a more effective rate.
  • On-site loading, weighing and pickup by postal trucks allowing you, as our client to bypass some of the steps in the postal flow.
  • Shipping internationally (we can take care of all the details.)

Our client roster includes catalog houses, insurance companies, airlines, ad agencies, publishers, direct mailers, sales incentive houses, non-profits, space advertisers, infomercial and TV commercial products.
These and other companies have benefitted by outsourcing their fulfillment needs in a variety of ways such as:

  • Eliminating fixed overhead costs, such as additional staff and space.
  • Minimizing start up costs.
  • Better economies of scale = LOWER PRICING.
  • Utilizing Fulfillment PLUS equipment, such as forklifts.
  • Using our services only when needed, leading to efficient handling and costs during peaks and valleys in your own business.
  • Focusing on MARKETING of your next project/promotion while FulfillmentPLUS handles the implementation.


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