Iannece For City Council

Jerry Iannece

     "Most people living in Northeast Queens are like I am. We work hard to support ourselves and our families - and we care about our communities. We deserve better than mediocrity from our elected officials. We expect our council member to fight hard for our neighborhoods and to improve our quality of life. At an annual salary of $90,000 we deserve better than a council member who just goes along to get along, or a council member who is nothing but an operative or soldier for the political bosses and Special Interest Groups. We deserve someone who can make his or her quarter of a million dollar a year council office work for you. After all you pay for it every April 15th.

     I want the same things for my wife and children that you want for your family: safe streets, quality education, and respect for our senior citizens. I'm ready to take the work I've done already as a community leader and former prosecutor and go to work for you on the City Council."


Jerry Iannece


Security for Our Seniors

I was always taught by my parents that our seniors deserve our respect, gratitude, and pledge of security. Their contributions and sacrifices nurtured our families, preserved our communities and built our country. Now, as our Seniors enter their golden years, they are entitled to our solemn pledge that we will preserve the legacy they left us, safeguard their interests, champion their causes, and advocate responsible, honest and effective leadership.

Protecting our Seniors

As an Attorney, well-versed in Elder Law, I know what action to take to safeguard our Senior Citizens' interests and make their golden years as happy, care-free, safe and fulfilling as possible. I will defend Medicare and Medicaid from cuts by bureaucrats and career politicians on the Federal, State and City level. I will work to expand eligibility for real estate tax abatements, and increase funding for Senior programs such as SNAP, CERC and Senior Citizen Centers.

Making Our Communities Safer

As a former Assistant District Attorney, prosecuting hundreds of career criminals and drug dealers, I know first hand how to be tough on crime and what to do to make our criminal justice system more effective in keeping our Communities safe. I will fight to re-instate the beat cop, increase the number of police officers assigned to our precincts, and advocate the creation of a new precinct in the Bay Terrace area, so that we can stem the increase of crimes which disproportionately impact upon seniors, and I will support Biased Crime Legislation, which would increase penalties imposed on criminals who commit crimes that are religiously or racially motivated.

Improving Our Schools

As a parent and active member of our community, I know that our children are our future and that we should "Put our Children First." I will fight to restore the educational budget, create drug-free zones, enhance school security, and open computer centers in ALL our district schools. I will work hard to obtain funding for enhanced art and musical education, as well as after-school programs for neighborhood youth groups.

Protecting and Improving Our Quality of Life

As a Civic Leader and the Zoning Chair of Community Board #11, I have been an outspoken, and vigilant advocate of causes that could improve the quality of life in our community. I believe in strong policies to limit mega stores, stop illegal occupancies, and keep our neighborhoods clean and green. I would mitigate the unrestricted invasion of facilities that are now saturating our communities by proposing legislation that would address this problem. All Community facilities must be subject to a ULURP-type review process, whereby, before a Community facility is permitted in a specific location, it must be reviewed and approved at a Public Hearing.

A Council Member on Your Side

The values that I have learned growing up in our community have guided me through life, and to the attainment of my American Dream. Now, I want to give back to the community as its strong voice. I understand the concerns of our community because they are the same issues that my family faces every day. I strongly believe that the success of our families will help to keep our community strong, stable, and prosperous for years to come. Together, we can build a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children.

What Real People Are Saying About Jerry Iannece
"Forget about what the politicians say. You should vote for Jerry because he's a good neighbor and a real family man. He's the kind of guy you can count on to help you carry your garbage or shovel your snow."

Patrick Grady - next-door neighbor

"I'm a school crossing guard so children are my concern. Someone stole my 'Street Closed' sign. The city gave me the run around until Jerry got involved. Thanks to him, I got a new sign and now my kids are safe again."

Molly Cherick

"The tree in front of my house was dead and in danger of falling. No matter how many times I called the city, they wouldn't take it down. I called Jerry, and the tree came down."

Richard Lore

"When my husband of 40 years died of Lung Cancer, his union wouldn't honor his benefits. They said he missed his last two payments. After 40 years of never missing any, I couldn't believe that payments he missed while he was dying in the hospital would do this. Jerry took on the bureaucrats for me and got them to re-instate the policy and pay the benefits."

Maria Biallo

"For decades every time it would rain, my house would be overrun and flooded with storm water and backed up raw sewage. The city constantly said they were going to do something about it, but years passed without any relief in sight. When Jerry took on the problem as our Civic Leader, he broke through the bureaucratic red tape, enlisted the support of all our local elected officials and got the city to finally move. Now, because of Jerry, this fall the city is going to break ground on a $160 Million Dollar sewer project that will finally alleviate our problem. This would have never have happened if it were not for Jerry."

Mike Feiner

"My son is coached by Jerry in basketball and baseball. Jerry teaches the kids that winning isn't everything and that there are greater lessons to be learned in life. Jerry is a caring, patient, responsible, loving coach who is a great role model for the kids. I'm proud to have my son play for him."

Vilma Gallagher

"Graffiti was a real problem in our community. The NYPD couldn't keep up with the vandals and didn't have the money to clean it up. Jerry organized the volunteers and he and his group painted over the graffiti quicker than the vandals could paint it on. Jerry didn't wait for the city, he did it himself."

Chris Leicht

"I've seen Jerry do incredible things in our neighborhood. Because of Jerry, each year during the holiday season, hundreds of our neighbors gather to light a community menorah and decorate a live Christmas tree. It's beautiful. Kids play, choirs sing, we drink hot chocolate and eggnog and there's even an early visit from Santa. You have to see the smiles on the children's faces. It really creates a wonderful sense of community. One person can really make a difference."

Ian Zdatny

Man Of The Year Award

For his dedication to the Community and his Leadership in so many endeavors Jerry was recently made "Man of the Year" by:
The Federation of Italian American Organizations of Queens
The Bayside YMCA
The Qualietta Society

Man Of The Year Award