Letter From Jerry's Parents

      In 1950, we came to the United States from Italy in search of a better life for ourselves and a dream that our children would go to school and be successful. There was no welfare. We were poor and we worked hard - washing dishes and sewing dresses - the kind of work that everybody did in those days when they came to this country. As years went on our dream slowly became reality. We were able to buy our own home and were blessed with three healthy children, Jerry and his two sisters: Angelina and Maria. We raised our children to work hard and play by the rules. And they did. You could always count on Jerry and his sisters to help in the yard or in the kitchen. Each year, our children made us prouder and prouder. Jerry won a scholarship to New York University and then became the first from our little town in Italy to go to law School. Jerry and his wonderful wife Lynn gave us two beautiful grandchildren, Vincent who is 10 and Elena who is 6.

      Jerry became a top notch Assistant District Attorney, prosecuting thousands of criminals and is President of his local Civic Association. He always worked hard and cared about his community and his neighbors. Maybe it's because he remembers how tough we had it when he was growing up.

      Now Jerry is running for City Council. Something we could have only dreamed of when we came to this country 51 years ago. Even though we're biased because we're his parents, we know jerry will be a great Councilman. He'll put the needs of our neighborhood - senior citizens, children, and working families alike - ahead of the needs of the professional politicians and other Council members. This election day, we hope that you will give our son Jerry a chance and elect him to the City Council. But, win or lose, we're very proud of Jerry and everything he has accomplished as a prosecutor, community leader, husband and father.

Letter from Jerry's Parents
Letter from Jerry's Parents

Vincent Sr.