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Ina Jay

Ina Jay is a cable television talk & variety show personality in New York City. The video clip featured on her website was shot in a studio and makes a high quality example, ideal footage to encode for Internet streaming. The Internet video technician is continually exhorted to encode only the highest quality video for streaming, but very often, the project footage is less than optimal in production values. Starting with clear sound is of primary importance, because poor sound tracks can degrade significantly when encoded. Cleaning up video sound tracks is extremely laborious, and usually the end result is disappointing. Also bear in mind the physical Internet delivery process. The video clips may be on different servers from the actual link clicked, and the signals may have to travel thousands of miles through dozens of servers before reaching the viewer.

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The current website with the video streaming from from a server in California

Forest Hills, N.Y.

The Forest Hills archive is made up of a video taped series of community meetings that took place in 1999 & 2000. Production values for all this video footage is very poor. Shot with hand held cameras moving about poorly lit rooms, continuous air conditioning background hum, and sound amplified by low grade speaker systems; a technical nightmare to encode for Internet streaming. In spite of the unpolished raw video, the picture of a community with strong civic values, struggling with quality of life issues shines through the shaky frames. The Forest Hills video is in the ClicktoClick archive on this server, so the hyper links and video clips are grouped together with no distance between them.

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In Voter

Video footage focused on New York State's independent political movement 2000 - 2002. The production values are high quality in two studio shoots, Queens Politics by Bill Struhs, and Fuel 4 Us by Jeff Beller. Several street protests shot by James Struhs using a unidirectional mike to capture the sound are fair to good, and the Tom Golisano footage, also shot by James Struhs is good considering the sound was captured from a loud speaker source. The John Hagelin and Nat Goldhaber audio tracks were recorded using a hand-held tape machine. The Microsoft Media video is streaming from a Windows 2000 server in Chicago.

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